Download PUBG MOBILE KR 2.2 APK+OBB For Android

Download PUBG MOBILE KR 2.2 APK+OBB For Android

PUBG MOBILE: KR is the most famous version in the PUBG MOBILE: KR series of publisher KRAFTON Inc

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
Sep 13, 2022
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PUBG KR Version 2.2 APK + OBB Download Link ( Pubg Mobile Korean version 2.2.0 Apk)

Here is The PUBG Kr Version Latest Apk Download Link. Buy Click on Download Button You Can Easily Download PUBG korean kr Version latest android apk file and you can install on your device.

PUBG KR Version 2.2 :- Players around the world can play the global version of PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games. In Korea and Japan, however, a separate game called PUBG Mobile KR by Krafton is available. Despite it being a separate game, the updates and features in both games are almost identical.

PUBG kr recently released its patch 2.2.0 This has brought the game’s new 4th Anniversary mode with modified ascent temple mode & frozen mode. Players can now play this 3 mode in one match. Several other features like a new Clan Ui, New Royale Arena Mode and Chear Park 2.0 have also been introduced.

Pubg kr version 2.2.0 Release Date

According to the report Pubg Mobile Version 2.2.0 update will be released on 16th March 2022 at 7:30 am and as always both version of pubg mobile and pubg kr update coming same date So Pubg kr update also came on 16th March 2022 at 7:30 am ( IST). If by chance any chances in date by officials then i will inform you in our telegram so must join telegram or telegram.


What are the new features in the Korean PUBG?

PUBG Korean version is one of several versions of the famous fighting game PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Korean is characterized by many new features, these features are not present in the global version of PUBG , and we will now show the most important features that exist in the PUBG Korean:

Fast to respond and no shredding like PUBG global version :
In Korean Pupi, you will not experience delaying pinges or command response during gameplay, as the game will have its own server that differs from the global server, and there is not much pressure on this server.

Tasks and gifts differ from those in the global version:
In Korean pigeon you will smile a lot on your luck, as there is a very big chance of getting great tools when opening boxes, as well as maybe you get colors to decorate weapons and clothes not found in the global version.

You do not need to delete the global version:
If you are playing in the global version, you do not need to delete it in order to play Bebgy Korean version, as it is possible to play in both versions without conflict.

English language support in the game interface:
You can convert the interface language in the game to the English language, as BBK Korean supports only Korean and English, and unfortunately it does not support Arabic or any other language.

You can play with friends in Bebji Global version:
It is true that the server in the game is separate from the global game, but you can play with your friends who play in the global version, and you can add them again easily.

UC prices or formations are less than the global version:
There is a slight difference in the prices for the purchase of the formwork or the UC in Korean PUBG , where you will notice that the prices are lower, though simple in PUBG Korean version.
An important note for those who want to move from the global version to the Korean version :
If you are thinking of moving to the PUBG Korean version with the same previous account in the global version, you must know that you will start from the first level again, and it is not possible to move to PUBG MOBILE KR version and resume playing from your current level.


Types of battles in the game PUBG

The types of battles do not differ in the Korean or global version of PUBG , where you will be able to play and compete against other players over the Internet in many situations, and we will quickly explain the most important modes that can be played in the game PUBG :

Classic mode:
It is the most prevalent situation among the players, in which you will enter into combat within 100 players in a huge play area, and you must search for weapons and equipment to remain steadfast until the end, and the play area is constantly reduced to collect players at one point in the end, the player who will remain steadfast until the end is considered a winner .
Arcade mode:
It is a situation similar to the previous situation, except that the number of players will be less, in addition to that the playing area will be smaller and the duration of the game less, and can be played in several forms:
Hard Mode:
In it the surround sound is disabled and the weapons are taken manually to make the battle more difficult.
Quick Match:
The duration of the match will be very short, only about 8 minutes.
Sniper Training:
This form of play is opened for limited days during the week, in which various sniper weapons are tried in training.
Arena mode:
In this mode you will be in a battle against 4 against 4, within rules that vary according to the form of the situation you play and these forms are:
Domination control:
You have to control several points in the play area, and a new point is created that lasts for several minutes after which the point is moved to another place.
Arena Training:
Players will be free to take any weapon from the playing field, and you do not have to equip several weapons before the fighting begins.
Team Deathmatch kill game :
Each team must try to kill the other team’s players as much as possible, the team that reaches the required number is considered a winner.
Prepare weapons and equipment before playing :
Before you start fighting, you must prepare your own fighting kit, which is a main weapon and a small secondary weapon, in addition to many accessories that are installed on the weapon, there are many weapons that differ in their specifications, review the weapons and choose the weapon that is appropriate for you, you can also supply More than several weapons so that each kit contains a different weapon, then you can change to a new kit easily.

Controls during combat

When the battle begins in one of the different modes, many buttons related to play will appear on the screen, on the left side there is the movement and running button, and on the right side there are buttons for flatness, drop and jump, in addition to the buttons on the right and left as well, in addition to the buttons to change weapons and throw Bombs and recharging, and also special buttons for playing audio and microphone, surfing the map, and more.

Add friends and play with them as a team

As we mentioned earlier, when you move to the Korean PUBG you can add your former friends again and play with them again, from the friends list search for your friends accounts via the ID code or by typing their names in the game, also can add more friends that you encounter randomly in the play modes Various, or even add friends by browsing the suggestions offered by the game.

Adjust game and graphics settings

There are many options that can be modified from the game settings, and the options are divided into tabs according to their type, and we will now show the most important of these tabs:

Basic options: to enable or disable matters related to weapons, movement, and handling of items on the playing field.
Graphics: to change the graphics quality to match your phone specifications, as well as to adjust the colors and lighting of scenes and others.
Controls: to change the position of all buttons on the phone screen to suit your gameplay during the battle.
There are also a lot of options related to the way of driving, the degree of sensitivity of the movement of the phone, acoustics and others.


PUBG Mobile Kr Version Latest Apk & OBB Features:

The upcoming update features many exciting features that are aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience. Some of the most notable changes are:

New Nusa map with new mechanics, weapons, and a vehicleErangel map chances (Hospital, Mylta Power, and Ferry Pier update)European-Style Themed Area – Strange TownFirearm Inspection feature limited to selected weaponsGear Front-themed game mode with special skillsMultiple firearm balancing (AUG, Mk14, SKS, and Mini14)New Cycle 3 Season 8 starts on September 20Other gameplay and safety improvements
For all the detailed features released as part of the ongoing PUBG

Steps to download and install PUBG Mobile Korean 2.2 update

Once the new file is made available on the link given above, players can follow the steps below to download and install the file:

  • Step 1: Users must follow the link given above to download the APK on their devices.
  • Step 2: For the next step, players must enable the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ setting if they have not enabled it earlier. After enabling the setting, players can install the APK on the device.
  • Step 3: Once installed, players must open the application and download the required resource packs.
  • Once the resource pack has been downloaded, users can sign in with their accounts to enjoy the 2.2 update of the battle royale title.

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