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Jul 18, 2022
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Best GFX Tools for PUBG

We all know that the older our smartphones get the harder it is for them to run more games. Even if the game does load, it will often lag, freeze, crash, and offer a terrible experience. Well, when it comes to games like PUBG for mobile, we can fix this by installing the best GFX tools for PUBG that will be listed here.

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A GFX tool allows you to adjust the graphics settings and customize how the game looks. In addition, you can make PUBG look much smoother and better. If you have a more powerful device, you can set the graphics to Ultra High-Quality. On the other hand, if you have a lower-end device, you can tweak a few settings so that the game runs and doesn’t crash, allowing for smooth gameplay.

What Is GFX Tool

Gfx tool is the application that tweaks with your game’s host file and unlocks the extreme frame rate. Frame rate or FPS is the abbreviation of Frames per Second.

For example, if your device supports 30fps, that means your device can render 30 images in one second. For better and lag-free gameplay, you must need higher fps. But most of the low-end device doesn’t support high fps settings, especially 2-3GB phones.

That’s why we are using the Pro GFX & Optimizer apk to unlock 60fps of our device. Along with 60fps, there are several other options like color format, potato graphics, and many others, which make it better than other gfx tools.

If you are searching for any best pubg gfx tool that improves game graphics and texture without banning your account, then this is the perfect option to go with.


Get the IPAD view, No Grass+Recoil, 90 FPS, White body with just one click! Supports all the latest version also.

Get Best Head Shot sensitivity suggestion and powerful GFX ToolFeatures of App:

IPAD View:
Get Fully Customized IPAD View with a single click! Available in a wide variety of options like ultra-wide view, small scopes, large scopes, mini IPAD view etc.

• Customized Game Options: Unlock No Grass Config, No Fog Config, Unlock Highest Available graphics, Unlock 90 FPS & many more with just a single click!

• Backup Control Layout & Sensitivity: Save your Control Layout & Sensitivity Safely with LFX Tool Custom. You’ll never lose it & can share with your Friends!

• Cloud Backup Features: Save your Control Layout & Sensitivity in Cloud & Apply anytime of your need! • Unlock Max FPS: Remove your Device Lags & get the Highest available FPS with our High-Quality Config!

Best GFX Tool 90 FPS For Pubg Mobile

One of the most popular games on the market is PUBG. Game rating websites consider PUBG to be one of the top games of the last two years. PUBG is your favorite game? Best GFX Tool For Pubg Mobile do you need for your BGMI Game?

Do you want to enjoy smooth animations and HD graphics while playing your favorite game? This article will discuss some of the best GFX tools apps that will add greater speed and animation to PUBG.

Because we spend the majority of our time indoors, mobile games have become a significant way to pass the time, and there is no game as popular as PUBG. However, it is important to note that the visual experience of PUBG can sometimes be affected by lagging graphics.

The GFX Tool is the best way to deal with this problem as it’s quick and easy to use. It’s an app that unlocks HD graphics and 90 fps (frames per second), in case you weren’t aware. It needs to be downloaded, you need to select the version and specifications that you want, and then you need to accept it.

What Is MidDroid GFX TOOL 90 FPS Apk

MidDroid GFX Tool 90 FPS is a free utility launcher for specific games where you can fully customize the game smooth to get beautiful pictures .

Supported versions: BGMI, Gl, KR, VN, TW
We are a 100% safe, free application that won’t put your game account at any risk.
• Customized Game Options: Unlock No Grass Config, No Fog Config, Unlock Highest Available graphics, Unlock 90 FPS & many more with just a single click!

With MidDroid GFX TOOL, you can:

  • Unlocked HD graphics
  • Enable 90fps on the low-end device
  • Fix choppy graphics and game lag
  • Enable Shadows
  • Automatically boost device memory
  • Export your perfect setting
  • Enjoy potato graphics on latest pubg version
  • all FPS levels
  • Unlock No Grass
  • ipad view
  • auto headshot

Download GFX TOOL 90 FPS For PUBG&BGMI For Android

Fix erangle Update 2.1 No grass 2.1 90 FPS 2.1 IPAD VIEW 2.1 ULTRA SOUND 2.1 and more

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