download Truecaller Premium Gold Mod 12.18.5 APK latest version

download Truecaller Premium Gold Mod 12.18.5 APK latest version

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block is the most famous version in the Truecaller: Caller ID & Block series of publisher Truecaller

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Android 4.4 and up
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March 13, 2022
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Truecaller Premium Gold Mod APK 2022

Today I have brought a very nice post for you, Truecaller Mod APK, this is an application that lets you know any unknown person Can get recognition. The job of this Truecaller Gold apk is to give complete information about an unknown person. If any call comes on your phone, then your name and photo will appear in front of you.

You will be able to get the complete list of that person. If you get more information about similar applications, read them carefully below. We are going to give you complete information about the TrueCaller Premium APK below.

With the Truecaller Premium apk, you will be able to get that person’s location. As such, you will also be able to get information about that person’s area. Where to call from If you do not know that person, then you can also block him.

The Truecaller Premium APK brings advanced features, which are available in the paid version, Truecaller Premium is an Android application in which you will be able to get call details. For example, if any phone comes on your device, then you will get its information in advance.

If you use truecaller premium, then this caller id and spam message will be automatically blocked, the best thing is that in truecaller apk, the message and spam call already appears in red color.

Let me tell you the simple language that the true caller premium hack apk is a modded version, meaning that its developer has hacked the TrueCaller Premium, which has unlocked all the premium features, which you get to use TrueCaller Gold Plan Free. Used to be.

Truecaller Premium APK Features

Here is a list of Awesome Truecaller Premium APK features:

Block Incoming Phone Calls

There is always someone or a couple of people who tease you by calling again and again and bother you for no or minor reason. The call could be a commercial one from any scamming company or an irritating individual. This creates the need for call blocking even more.

Some devices in the market today don’t have such features pre-installed into them and, thus, you have to download third-party applications to get the job done because no one likes to be called over and over again by someone they avoid and don’t like.

With the Truecaller Gold MOD APK as your default calling app, you can blacklist any number on your contact list, and it will be instantly blocked from calling you. The caller might will have no idea that they were blocked from your side. As a result, you won’t be bothered again.

Smart Messaging

This amazing and revolutionary app is capable of a lot of things and that’s why it’s so popular. It offers a free chat feature so you can text anyone, anywhere in the world. It also automatically identifies every unknown message so you don’t have to guess if it’s legit or not. Then, it also automatically blocks those spam, scam, and telemarketing messages or calls. We all know that they are a disturbance because they can disrupt our workflow. On phones without Truecaller Mod Apk, it’s difficult to know whether or not a message is important but we answer them anyway. Aside from that, it can also block by name and number series automatically so you don’t have to block them manually one by one on your own.

Caller ID
This app’s caller ID feature allows you to identify anyone calling you. This powerful feature can also block annoying spam and telemarketer calls. As we all know, these calls are very disturbing to take especially when you’re working. You can also see the names of unknown numbers in the call history so you can block their calls in the future if you want. There is also a flash messaging feature where you can share emoji, location, and status in a flash to your contacts. You can also have access to back up call history, contacts, messages, and settings to Google Drive.


The Truecaller gold app collects or gathers information from multiple sources and users to regularly update the blacklist of spam numbers. Whenever you notice spam or telemarketer number contacting you, all you have to do is to click Block & report spam. Truecaller Gold MOD APK will immediately identify this number as common spam especially if it is blocked and published by more than one user. This helps create a better user environment or ecosystem because whenever an alternate Truecaller user is called using that spam number, they will be notified about it and shown the number of spam reports associated with it so that they can block the number as soon as possible.


Dual Sim Support

Most people today use more than one sim card to separate their contacts for business and personal life. If you are a dual sim card user, you would be delighted to know that Truecaller Premium has full dual SIM support. This means you don’t need to sacrifice any sim just to use this incredible app. To elaborate it more easily, Truecaller Pro APK supports full dual SIM means that this one app works on both of your sim card numbers and you can manage all activities on both of your sim card numbers just by using this one fantastic Truecaller Gold APK.


Record Phone Calls

With the Truecaller Premium Gold version, you get access to the phone call recording feature that smoothly records the intended call live and with good audio quality. Users can also sync the specific recordings onto the Truecaller cloud and replay them whenever they want. However, you should be aware of your state’s privacy policy related to call recordings before settling for this feature as it can put you in trouble, especially if your country has strict laws against recording voice calls. Otherwise, you can always record the calls between family and lovers to recall the memories.

Backup And Sync To The Cloud

Truecaller MOD APK allows you to back up and sync all your call data onto Google Drive, such as your call history, all contacts, settings, and every message history. This way, even when you change phones, you will never lose data concerning your calls, as you can always sync all of it onto the new device using your Google account. This allows you to stay in touch with everyone around you even after getting a new android device or smartphone without worrying about forgetting anything.

Who Viewed My Profile

With Truecaller Premium Gold Apk, you are expected to create your very own personal profile by including your name, photo, and address which is not compulsory (optional). This helps anyone to quickly identify you whenever you make a phone call. Other people on Truecaller Hack APK are also capable of viewing your profile but unfortunately, with the free version, you can never know who viewed your profile. The premium gold app improves security by letting you see who recently visited your Truecaller profile.

Premium and Gold Memberships
Truecaller also offers two premium membership options, Premium and Gold Membership, to fulfill the needs of customers and provide the greatest features. You may see details on who views your profile and optionally view other profiles in private with Truecaller Hack APK, in addition to enjoying the basic services for free.

In comparison to the free version, the Premium version allows users to use an infinite recording function and talk with individuals at the same time without having to worry about advertisements. You will also obtain a premium card on your profile after upgrading your account. Users with Gold Membership have access to all of the Premium features as well as a Gold card on file. Gold card ID cards are also supported on a priority basis.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode allows you to view other people’s profiles, even if they have the Truecaller premium gold app on their devices, they won’t be alerted about it.

Ad Free
Ads are a real headache, especially if you’re trying to make a call or type a message, and in the middle of it, a disturbing ad banner pops up, interrupting the whole process. Many know how irritating that can be but with the Truecaller premium gold version installed onto your Android device, you get an amazing ad-free experience that lets you work easily without any disturbance.

More Contact Requests
Friendship is one of the greatest bonds anyone can ever wish for. If you want to add more people to your profile friend list, then you can always discover new people on the Truecaller Gold MOD Apk by sending up to 30 requests per month to other users asking for their numbers.

Bugs have been fixed.
Because the app’s developers keep it updated, all of the main and small issues and technical glitches have been resolved. Every update fixes bugs and improves the app’s functionality.

High Priority Support
With the Truecaller MOD Apk membership, you are included in the list of those who get quick responses to their queries by the agents Of the Truecaller support team on a higher priority. In case of any problem, the team resolves your issue first as you are their premium user.

Block Incoming Phone Calls
Smart Messaging
Caller ID
Dual Sim Support
Record Phone Calls
Backup And Sync To The Cloud
Who Viewed My Profile
Incognito Mode
Ad Free
More Contact Requests
High Priority Support
Calls to friends are free
Many services, such as Message, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, allow users to communicate with others for free. Truecaller, too, however, this software only allows you to talk to people who are in your contacts. Users will be less troubled by unfamiliar people as a result of this functionality, allowing them to focus on the important people. Truecaller may also automatically discern between anonymous and important communications.

How To Create ID On Truecaller?
Making an account on Treucaller is quite simple. To create a free account, simply follow the simple steps outlined below.

You must have Truecaller installed on your phone. First, open this app to create an ID.
After you’ve opened the app, select Get Started.
You will be asked to grant permission by the app. All permissions should be allowed. Only then will this app run well on your phone.
Fill up your phone number and click Continue.
Allow some time to pass. Your phone will ring, and an automatic verification will take place.
Fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, then click Continue. You can also use Facebook to sign up.
Your account in the real caller app has been created in this manner. You can upload a picture to your profile.
Truecaller’s caller id is now available. You are now free to do whatever you choose. When the phone rings, this app will take care of itself. As a result, we can establish an account on Truecaller in this manner.

How To Install Truecaller Premium APK on Android?

1. To avoid installation errors, uninstall the already installed Truecaller app which is either a free or modded version from your android device.

2. Now, Download Truecaller Premium APK from the link given below.

3. Wait until the download completes, then open it.

4. Here you might see the security warning that says enable this source to proceed further. Make sure to enable the unknown sources option for installing APK files.

Truecaller Installation Process
5. Once you are done with that, go to the Truecaller Premium APK file location and install it again.

6. Open the app and allow the required permissions.

Allow Required Permissions

7. Enter your number to log in or sign up for a personal or business account.

Enter your number

Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.


Can you Use the Truecaller Mod Version?
The answer is YES. If you are using our Truecaller Premium Mod, you will have Unlimited features on your account and you can enjoy premium memberships for free.

Is Truecaller Premium APK free to use and install?
The answer is again YES. This Mod Apk is 100% Free to install. It does not have any ads, so you can enjoy using it to its fullest.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is totally safe, as you don’t have to root your Android device in order for the Truecaller Mod to work. So, there will be no risk involved.

How does Truecaller Premium work?
Truecaller Premium has access to users’ contacts and can store millions of names and contact details. and when we use Truecaller to look up any phone number. It displays us based on the preserved result.

Is Truecaller premium worth buying?

Truecaller Premium does provide a lot of essential features that are necessary in everyday life. We all get a lot of spam calls and emails. Truecaller allows us to trace them down.

How can I get a free premium on Truecaller?

Truecaller premium is a paid service provided by Truecaller, but we have provided a premium version of Truecaller APK in this post.

What are the benefits of Truecaller pro?

For those who understand how to use Truecaller to its full potential, the features are limitless. Truecaller Pro APK features include Caller ID, Spam Blocking, No Ads, Who Viewed My Profile, Premium Badge, More Contact Requests, Incognito Mode, Call Recording, and more.

Can TrueCaller track location?

Truecaller is a free number-based cell phone tracker. It’s one of the most popular and well-known caller ID apps, and it can also track caller locations.

Truecaller is a lifesaver, especially for people that don’t want a lot of distractions and annoying ads popping up again and again. However, the premium version costs money but it has additional features you might want to use. Don’t worry, you just download the Truecaller mod and you’re good to go. I hope you are clear about everything related to Truecaller Premium APK now. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section provided below. We will love to answer your queries.

Thank You.

We keep updating our App to make it better.This version brings:- Urgent Message - Send time critical messages as urgent and the receiver gets notified with high visibility- Edit message - Say goodbye to typos! Now you edit your chat messages after sending them.- Selected animated emojis- Long press to change the default startup tab

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